A pregnancy is always a blessing.  However, for some families, a pregnancy can be fraught with fear and anxiety for a variety of reasons.  Families with a prenatal diagnosis often are confused, frightened and lose hope and faith. Catholic families need Catholic support because there are often critical decisions that need to be made which are based on Catholic teaching.  Catholic support organizations can coordinate care for families between hospitals and parish staff, and clergy.  Parish staff and clergy are often ill-equipped to deal with parents in crisis.  Catholic support can offer guidance regarding the care of an infant with a life-limiting prenatal diagnosis.  Catholic support is unique in aspects of the faith. This support is, in all cases, life-affirming to the family by providing a tangible connection to God.  Support can offer:   pregnancy blessings, anointings, baptisms, a blessing of the body, a blessing of the parents following a miscarriage, guidance regarding the care of remains, and connection to Catholic ethicists.  This level of support can better equip families for the months ahead.