October is Respect Life Month. At Be Not Afraid (BNA), we celebrated October by participating in the Catholic Medical Association (CMA) conference. Judy Townsend ​(BNA Parent Care Coordinator) and Tracy Winsor (BNA Parent Program Director) spent the last week showcasing and discussing critical issues regarding prenatal diagnosis. They were privileged to share ethics information with doctors and other medical professionals and to be able to promote the BNA case management training. They were pleased to be able to answer the question asked by a rural family practice doctor, “Why shouldn’t I offer my older patients NIPT testing?” The doctor was surprised to learn of the high false-positive rates associated with NIPT. Tracy ​was also able to meet with leaders of several interesting organizations ​with which BNA collaborates, including Heartbeat International, the National Catholic Bioethics Center, and MyCatholicDoctor. The conference was a wonderful experience, and the CMA members were gracious and welcoming. Tracy and Judy were surprised to be told by a doctor they did not recognize….” I know who you all are…I talk about you in my presentations.” A special thank you to the benefactor who made the BNA attendance possible by sponsoring the entire conference for Judy and Tracy.